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Learn About Board and Care Homes

Board and care homes offer an assisted living situation for seniors and people with disabilities who need help with meal preparation, medication monitoring and personal care. They provide a safe, supportive, home-like setting for people who can no longer live alone, but do not need daily medical care.

What is a Board and Care Home?

Board and care facilities, staffed by the families or individuals who live there, offer a home-like environment for small groups of elderly or disabled residents. They provide help with the activities of daily living, and they encourage residents to make as many choices as possible about their daily life and health care. Board and Care Homes do not offer nursing or medical care, but they provide greater assistance with personal care needs than is available in most supported housing facilities. They don't generally offer planned activities or transportation services. Some board and care homes specialize in populations with specific needs, such as people with Alzheimer's disease or those with developmental disabilities.

What should I look for in a Board and Care Home?

The quality of board and care facilities varies greatly. The federal government does not regulate board and care homes, though they may be subject to local inspection and regulation. This makes it very important to obtain personal recommendations and to visit the facility several times before considering a move.

Since board and care facilities provide a limited range of services, it's important to consider whether a facility can meet both the short-term and possible long-term needs of the individual. Have a trusted advisor or lawyer read over any contract before the individual signs up or pays an entrance fee. Before you visit or call facilities, print out copies of Getcare's Board and Care Home Checklist, which provides detailed questions to help you to evaluate and compare facilities.

How do I pay for a Board and Care Home?

Board and care facilities are often less expensive than other housing options. Since there is no common definition of what board and care services include, it is difficult to estimate a monthly or yearly cost.

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ADRC staff are available to help you explore your options to meet your current needs or create a plan for the future.

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Board and Care Home Checklist.

Use this checklist to evaluate and board and care home.


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